Hikes Not Heroin

Hikes-Not-Heroin is a FREE hike intended to raise awareness of the heroin and opioid crisis. Register Here! Voluntary Donations to support those in Recovery are encouraged, but not required.  All donations will support Prevention Resources, Inc., Recovery Center. Pre-registration allows us to properly plan for the event, including having the correct bathroom facilities and give-aways available. Please consider pre-registering. Hikers may also arrive the day-of, without preregistration.  Most importantly, just get out there and take a hike against heroin! Please share this event with your family, friends, and community.

What every parent needs to know about vaping

Click here to learn: What Every Parent Needs to Know About Vaping – Vaping. Juuling. Don’t let the pretty words fool you. 8 SIGNS YOUR CHILD MAY BE VAPING • You detect a sticky-sweet scent • A weird looking USB drive or pen is always in reach • You find discarded atomizers, pods or organic cotton balls • Agitation or irritability (if they can’t get their fix) • They’re calmer after a trip to the bathroom or their room • Dry-mouth and nosebleeds caused by dehydration • Mouth sores and a smoker’s cough • They’re always asking for money (it’s an expensive …

Underage drinking can derail your plans!

Talking with your children about underage drinking is absolutely necessary- start the talks when they are young and have them often! Underage Drinking PSA