SCC’s TOP for Athletes – Opioid Prevention Toolkit

DOWNLOAD TOOLKIT PDF: TOP Athletes – SCC Opioid Prevention Toolkit Safe Communities Regional Coalition’s  NEW OPIOID PREVENTION TOOLKIT: Tackling Opioids through Prevention for Athletes (TOP) Toolkit. The GOAL: This toolkit is intended to help guide and raise awareness of opioid use and abuse among young student athletes and to provide evidence-based recommendations and information that will encourage and promote policy and practice changes that will strengthen schools, athletic departments and community based athletic programs. Our agency is available to provide free presentations and support to any school in Hunterdon and Somerset as well as community sports programs. Interested Coaches, School Personnel, or …

Opioid Prescriptions Remain High, Especially in Elderly With Chronic Pain

Opioid prescriptions remain high despite increased awareness of the opioid epidemic and awareness of the drugs’ risks, a new study finds. Researchers found opioid use and doses leveled off after peaking in 2012-13, but were still higher in 2017 than in 2007, HealthDay reports. Opioid use was especially high in elderly patients with chronic pain, the researchers report in BMJ. Much of the extended opioid use among older patients is for lower back pain, said lead researcher Molly Moore Jeffery. But for most patients, over-the-counter painkillers combined with physical therapy are more effective, she noted. The study compared opioid prescriptions among commercially insured …

Ask questions!!!

As you age… be sure to be your own advocate during doctor’s appointments and ask as many questions as it takes to understand your instructions and how you are to be taking your medications!  

Grandparents, Lock up the Medicine, Please!

Kids to Grandma and Grandpa: Lock up the medicine, please! Nearly one out of four grandparents store prescription medications in a place where children can easily access those medications – and that habit, University of Michigan researchers suggest, contributes to an epidemic of unintentional poisoning injuries for children. Click the link below to get the full story!