SCC’s TOP for Athletes – Opioid Prevention Toolkit

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Safe Communities Regional Coalition’s 
NEW OPIOID PREVENTION TOOLKIT: Tackling Opioids through Prevention for Athletes (TOP) Toolkit.

The GOAL: This toolkit is intended to help guide and raise awareness of opioid use and abuse among young student athletes and to provide evidence-based recommendations and information that will encourage and promote policy and practice changes that will strengthen schools, athletic departments and community based athletic programs.

Our agency is available to provide free presentations and support to any school in Hunterdon and Somerset as well as community sports programs.

  • Interested Coaches, School Personnel, or Healthcare Providers, Contact Lesley Gabel at 908-782-3909


SAMSHA’s Opioid Overdose Prevention Toolkit (English)

  • This toolkit offers strategies to health care providers, communities, and local governments for developing practices and policies to help prevent opioid-related overdoses and deaths. Access reports for community members, prescribers, patients and families, and those recovering from opioid overdose.
  • English: OPIOID TOOLKIT (EN) SMA18-4742

SAMSHA’s Opioid Overdose Prevention Toolkit (Spanish)

  • “Prevención de la Sobredosis de Opioides MANUAL DE INSTRUCCIÓN: Datos para miembros comunitarios Cinco pasos esenciales para el personal de primeros auxilios Información para los encargados de recetar medicamentos Consejos de seguridad para pacientes y miembros de la familia La recuperación de una sobredosis de opioids”
  • Spanish/Espanol: OPIOID TOOLKIT (SP) SMA18-4742SPANISH

CADCA’s Opioid Prevention Toolkit

  • Addressing the Opioid Crisis through Community Prevention: An Application of the Seven Strategies for Community Change, includes information about Opioids, Opioid Use Disorder, and community strategies and framework for change.
  • CADCA Opioid Prevention Toolkit – Practical Theorist




Athletes & Opioids: Safeguard your team with policies and best practices