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Vaping… A Toxic Mix.

Vaping is not just water vapor. Vaping contains many dangerous chemicals, nicotine, and heavy metals.

We stand united for vape-free youth

Facts you may not know about youth vaping: A ‘vape’ is the term used to describe the delivery mechanism of products such as JUUL, nicotine, e-juices, THC, and alcohol. In 2018, the Surgeon General declared e-cigarette (vape) use among youth a national epidemic. Schools ranked teen vaping as the number one problem in Hunterdon County (Key Informant 2019). Most youth do not know the ingredients is in these products (CDC). Even products that claim they are nicotine-free may contain nicotine due to lack of regulation (CDC). Nicotine exposure during adolescence can harm the brain, as it is still developing up …

Parents Who Host Lose the Most… Don’t be a party to teenage drinking.

CONSEQUENCES FOR PARENTS WHO ALLOW UNDERAGE DRINKING: Parents who give alcohol to their teen’s friends under any circumstances, even in their own homes, are breaking the law. You cannot knowingly allow a person under 21, other than your own child, to remain in your home or on your property while consuming or possessing alcohol. Others can sue you if you give alcohol to anyone under 21, and they in turn, hurt someone, hurt themselves or damage property. You can be arrested for unlawfully dealing with a child, and/or Endangering the welfare of a child, Under the New York State Penal law and other charges …