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Tackling Prevention Contest – Applications due by May 20, 2020 to Cara,
Open to currently enrolled Hunterdon and Somerset High School students.
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o Exercise is a great healthy coping skill during times of stress. Join Prevention Resources for a Virtual Run/Walk! Choose your chourse and when you want to race!
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Mental Health Awareness Month

Virtual Art Show

Break The Stigma


All who submit will be entered into an Amazon gift card drawing

Submission parameters:

Express your feelings about the stigma that surrounds mental illness and substance misuse. You do not have to be personally affected to participate.

Digitally submit any art form of your choice, including paintings, drawings, graphic designs, poetry, and photographs, music and short videos. Music and short videos should be 3 minutes or less.

Your submission will not be accepted if it contains the following: derogatory, hateful, or inappropriate language/imagery, nudity, or extreme violence, political elements.

Regarding suicide and self harm: if either are a part of what you wish to submit, we encourage you to express that. However, if you do choose to do so please do not include graphic imagery or language.

All submissions will be posted on Coalition sites. This can be done anonymously or with credit. We will keep your submission anonymous if you do not explicitly state that you would like to be named.

Pleas sent submissions to Sasha Condas at:

Please visit for more information and events pertaining to mental health and substance misuse awareness

By submitting, you grant permission to Prevention Resources, Inc., Safe Communities Coalition, Positive YOUth, Drug-Free Task Force, and HCYC the right to use your submission for any of their public events, including posting to any online accounts owned by them.

Find ways to stay connected and what works best for you and those you care about. Many people are using apps on their smartphones: Social Media, Facetime, Zoom, phone call, or a simple text message all help us feel connected.
Not everyone has a smartphone or knows how to use technology. Check in on these people, make sure they’re doing okay (all from 6 ft away!). A quick phone call can make a huge impact on a person’s well-being.
How do I talk to a person I care about that is going through a hard time? Use supportive acknowledgment – showing support and reaching out makes a huge difference. Acknowledge concerns, with empathy and calmness. Remember that you cannot extinguish other’s concerns.
Children are also feeling isolated. Helping children maintain social connection is important to their mental health. Keep them virtually engaged with their friends and family as best as possible.
Reach out to those on our front lines. They may be feeling more isolated than others, experiencing extra barriers to social connection during this time. Check-in and show supportive acknowledgment to friends and loved ones on the front lines.

Physical distance, social connection