Night of Conversation 11.14.2018

Click Here for Flyer! Please join us for a night of conversation about prevention of drug use and promotion of mental health. Who: Parents and Children (grades 7-12) What: Interactive discussion Where: Hillsborough Township Municipal Building, Multi-Purpose Room, 379 South Branch Road, Hillsborough When: Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2018 Time: 7:00pm – 8:30pm Cost: FREE!

Hikes Not Heroin

Hikes-Not-Heroin is a FREE hike intended to raise awareness of the heroin and opioid crisis. Register Here! Voluntary Donations to support those in Recovery are encouraged, but not required.  All donations will support Prevention Resources, Inc., Recovery Center. Pre-registration allows us to properly plan for the event, including having the correct bathroom facilities and give-aways available. Please consider pre-registering. Hikers may also arrive the day-of, without preregistration.  Most importantly, just get out there and take a hike against heroin! Please share this event with your family, friends, and community.

What every parent needs to know about vaping

Click here to learn: What Every Parent Needs to Know About Vaping – Vaping. Juuling. Don’t let the pretty words fool you. 8 SIGNS YOUR CHILD MAY BE VAPING • You detect a sticky-sweet scent • A weird looking USB drive or pen is always in reach • You find discarded atomizers, pods or organic cotton balls • Agitation or irritability (if they can’t get their fix) • They’re calmer after a trip to the bathroom or their room • Dry-mouth and nosebleeds caused by dehydration • Mouth sores and a smoker’s cough • They’re always asking for money (it’s an expensive …

Underage drinking can derail your plans!

Talking with your children about underage drinking is absolutely necessary- start the talks when they are young and have them often! Underage Drinking PSA

SCC’s TOP for Athletes – Opioid Prevention Toolkit

DOWNLOAD TOOLKIT PDF: TOP Athletes – SCC Opioid Prevention Toolkit Safe Communities Regional Coalition’s  NEW OPIOID PREVENTION TOOLKIT: Tackling Opioids through Prevention for Athletes (TOP) Toolkit. The GOAL: This toolkit is intended to help guide and raise awareness of opioid use and abuse among young student athletes and to provide evidence-based recommendations and information that will encourage and promote policy and practice changes that will strengthen schools, athletic departments and community based athletic programs. Our agency is available to provide free presentations and support to any school in Hunterdon and Somerset as well as community sports programs. Interested Coaches, School Personnel, or …

Opioid Prescriptions Remain High, Especially in Elderly With Chronic Pain

Opioid prescriptions remain high despite increased awareness of the opioid epidemic and awareness of the drugs’ risks, a new study finds. Researchers found opioid use and doses leveled off after peaking in 2012-13, but were still higher in 2017 than in 2007, HealthDay reports. Opioid use was especially high in elderly patients with chronic pain, the researchers report in BMJ. Much of the extended opioid use among older patients is for lower back pain, said lead researcher Molly Moore Jeffery. But for most patients, over-the-counter painkillers combined with physical therapy are more effective, she noted. The study compared opioid prescriptions among commercially insured …