Ask questions!!!

As you age… be sure to be your own advocate during doctor’s appointments and ask as many questions as it takes to understand your instructions and how you are to be taking your medications!  

Grandparents, Lock up the Medicine, Please!

Kids to Grandma and Grandpa: Lock up the medicine, please! Nearly one out of four grandparents store prescription medications in a place where children can easily access those medications – and that habit, University of Michigan researchers suggest, contributes to an epidemic of unintentional poisoning injuries for children. Click the link below to get the full story!

7 Benefits of Acupuncture for Seniors

Acupuncture offers a gentle, alternative medicine approach to help ease and treat the aches and pains in aging bodies. Instead of treating symptoms, acupuncture helps treat the pain source – naturally – without drug interaction.   Benefits of Acupuncture for Seniors Acupuncture, an ancient Chinese practice where needles are inserted into the body to treat disease, offers many benefits to seniors. While American healthcare is designed around Western medicine, alternative medicine — including acupuncture — provides relief without medication. As the Baby Boomer population reaches retirement in record numbers, chronic health care expenses of this generation are feared to collapse Medicare. Not only that, …

Safe Medicine Disposal Information

Safe disposal refers to the manner in which unused, unwanted, or expired medications (ie. prescription Rx, over-the-counter, pet meds, etc.) can be removed from the home and disposed of in a safe way.   SOLID MEDICATIONS: – Leave medications in the container – Remove any personal information – Bring to your local Medicine Drop Box location   SYRINGE/NEEDLES: – Ask your pharmacist about safe needle disposal boxes. – Find a Safe Syringe Disposal Program near you.   LIQUID MEDICATIONS: – In a sealable bag or coffee can, make the medicine appear unattractive by mixing with coffee grounds or kitty litter. …