What’s in Your Vape?

*Please include a date you need them by, and how many you are requesting of a specific item. VAPING PRESENTATIONContact Prevention Ed. Director Jean Ciullo jciullo@njprevent.com , or Prevention Educator Erin Cohen ecohen@njprevent.com Reports of serious lung damage, known as “popcorn lung” and “wet lung”, have been cited after only brief use of vapor devices.MARIJUANA/CANNABIS PRODUCTS+ Teens are overdosing from vaping THC in our community. One teen was Medevaced for emergency care (2019). + According to the CDC, cannabis use may have long-lasting or permanent effects on the developing adolescent brain. Negative effects include: —————————————— Cannabis (marijuana) is a mind-altering …

BREAKING: New Study Shows Marijuana Use in Conjunction with Opioids Offers More Harms; No Benefit

(Alexandria, VA) – Today, a new study published in the Journal of Addiction Medicine shows that sufferers from chronic pain who use marijuana in conjunction with prescription opioids demonstrated higher instances of mental health issues and further substance abuse problems than those who used opioids alone. According to the study, instances of depression and anxiety as well as opioid addiction, alcohol, and cocaine use were higher in patients who used both drugs. Additionally, there was no reported difference in pain for either groups. “Once again, another study completely shreds the arguments perpetuated by marijuana lobbyists that legalization can help solve the opioid epidemic,” said Dr. …

Teen Safety Nights at HCRHS

Over the past two nights we have reached about 1600 parents and students during Hunterdon Central Regional High School’s Teen Safety nights. We are honored to partner with HCRHS and bring such important messaging about teen safety to our local community. Our co-CEO, Lesley Gabel discussed the dangers of vaping, underage drinking, opioids, fentanyl, importance of safe storage and disposal of prescription medications and prom safety tips. Other topics discussed were distracted driving, the need to have safety talks with our teens on a regular basis, and to practice what we preach because our teens are always watching. A big thank …

Annual Professional Conference Journals

Click on Links to view our Annual Professional Conference Journals 2019: We Hold the Key 2018: Prevention is the Bridge to Success 2017: Breaking Barriers See information about upcoming and past Annual Conference events: https://safecoalition.org/conference/ 

Parents Hold the Key

Alcohol and Medicine that is not safely stored (locked-up or out of reach) can easily be misused by a friend, family member, or anyone entering your home. Reducing access in your home helps reduce underage drinking, medicine misuse, and poisoning. Mental Health and substance use addiction are not always easily identified and even if someone is being treated by a professional, overdose can still be a risk. Don’t take any chances, keep any potentially harmful substances locked-up and out of reach at all times.Open House EventsRealtors will tell you – if you are in the process of selling or renting …

Pot’s Real Price – Part 5: Growers Eager for Legalization

Click Here to View Video New York is on a fast track to legalize marijuana, and growers and entrepreneurs are excited. But not everyone is on board, especially after seeing what’s happened in states like Colorado and California. (Published Friday, Feb 8, 2019)

Pot’s Real Price – Part 4: Has Pot Really Become Cash Cow?

Click Here to View Video Is legal marijuana actually the cash cow it promised to be for Colorado? Businesses say yes, schools say no. And then there are the complications of dealing with banks, forcing risky cash-only operations. There are lessons for the tri-state in the legalization of pot. (Published Friday, Feb 8, 2019)

Pot’s Real Price – Part 2: Businesses Sees Growing Pains

Click Here to View Video Retail pot in Colorado is generating hundreds of millions of dollars, but at what price? Sarah Wallace goes in a private marijuana club outside Denver to see how pot is proving a boon for some, and then undercover with police during drug raids to see how it’s straining their resources — and what that could all mean for the tri-state when legalization happens here. (Published Friday, Feb 8, 2019)