Drug-Free Task Force

Meet the Drug-free Task Force!

The Drug-Free Task Force is a work group within the Partnership for Health in Hunterdon County, NJ. The goal of the Drug-Free Task Force is to reduce underage drinking and substance use within Hunterdon County. We work with our community to help young people make positive and healthy choices.

VISION: to empower youth, families and communities in Hunterdon County, NJ, to make positive choices to live long, safe, drug-free, and healthy lives.

MISSION: to empower youth and families to make healthy decisions and implement sustainable environmental change through collaborative community engagement and education to live long, safe, drug-free, and healthy lives.

If you would like to be part of the innovative work with the Drug-Free Task Force contact Wendy Sidebottom, wsidebottom@njprevent.com



The Drug-Free Task Force was honored to accept the award for the GOT OUTCOMES Coalition of Excellence during CADCA’s National Leadership Forum.  We demonstrated an intermediate outcome that there was a change in perception of harm toward marijuana based on a multilayered approach and using the 7 strategies for community change.  Thank you to our coalition members, our community and our partners including Prevention Resources, the Safe Communities Coalition, Positive YOUth and One Voice.

Out in the Community in 2024

“Not Your Best Option” Bench Display

We have created an art display to highlight the importance of asking your doctor for alternatives to opioids. The bench indicates that opioids may not be your best option, just how this bench is not your best option for sitting.

We have been proud of our many community partners who have hosted the bench including, Rt. 31 Main Hunterdon County Library, The Hunterdon County Chamber of Commerce, Town of Clinton Municipal Building, North Branch Library & Readington Municipal Building.

Advocating at Capitol Hill

We attended CADCA’s National Forum Conference in Washington D.C. and participated in Capitol Hill Day. Through meetings with Senator Cory Booker and Congressman Tom Kean, we effectively communicated the urgent need for increased funding and support for evidence-based prevention programs. By sharing real-world experiences and success stories from our work in Hunterdon County communities, the team effectively illustrated the tangible impact of proactive prevention efforts. 

After connecting with Congressman Kean we were able to invite him to meet our team in Hunterdon county. He sent a representative who met with our Hunterdon County Youth Coalition and together they built “Prom Survival Kits”. 

The kids were able to talk to the aid about his work in the congressman’s office and learn about the local government. They also spoke about what we are doing as a coalition to impact our community.

Make Prom A Night To Remember

We have created a multi-layered campaign centered around Prom safety. This campaign called “Make it A Night to Remember” highlights the importance of celebrating safety, having a plan in case of emergency, the importance of consent, and information about calling 911 in case of alcohol related emergency. 

We have partnered with schools, prom venues, hair salons, florists, tanning salons, dress and tuxedo shops, and other community partners to distribute our “prom survival kits”. These kits have information about celebrating safely, consent and the 911 Lifeline Legislation. They also include goodies such as bandaids, mints, sunglasses, a comb and a jelly bracelet. 

Zero-proof Night with Raritan Valley Community College

We partnered with Raritan Valley Community College and the Hope Club to host an alcohol free event. We created a bar like atmosphere and “bar tenders” serving alcohol free drinks. We used this event to help students meet others and understand an environment like a bar, but without the need to order alcohol. 

Safe Storage Partnership with Union Chill Dispensary

We have partnered with Union Chill Dispensary to promote safe storage of cannabis to people who purchase cannabis products. They are displaying information about safe storage in their store and also have information listed on their website linking to the “Parents Hold The Key” initiative on our website. 

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Meet Our Team!

Wendy Sidebottom

Prevention Manager

Email: wsidebottom@njprevent.com

Laura Talty

Project Coordinator

Email: ltaly@njprevent.com