Early Intervention/Recovery/Support/Treatment

Prevention Resources, Inc, licensed by the Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DHMAS) as a level 1 outpatient program, offers diverse early intervention and treatment services, including substance abuse evaluations, substance abuse counseling, and Intoxicated Drivers Resource Center (IDRC).

In addition to the services mentioned above, we offer other programs that act as early intervention. Licensed social workers and professional counselors lead all programs, and a licensed alcohol and drug counselor provides all substance abuse treatment services.

We design our services to ensure all persons served leave feeling cared for, empowered, and equipped with the skills and direction needed to move forward and lead healthy lives.

Services Include

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    Counseling is provided in all arenas from life transitions, grief and loss, gender identity, relapse prevention, marital and mental health, utilizing a strength-based approach.

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    At times, when an addicted person does not recognize that their addicitons are significantly impairing their lives, an intervention may be warranted. Our interventionist, trained and certified by the Johnson Institute will work with the family of the addict to undertake an intervention in a trained, supportive and professionally facilitated way.

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    LEAP- Diversion Program

    An early intervention juvenile diversion program for youth facing criminal charges. It utilizes a combination of life skills, goal setting, parent education, and community service to help rehabilitate youth and prevent future law enforcement encounters. Funded in part by Hunterdon County, Provident Bank Foundation, Fargo Foundation, PNC Foundation, TD Charitable Foundation. Click here for more information!

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    Supervised Healthy Environment Program (SHEP)

    This is a court mandated, supervised parenting program, offered two times a week for families who have been separated and are in need of gradual supervised reentry to ensure appropriate and healthy parenting and communication skills are utilized.

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    Family Support Center

    Free family support to anyone who has a loved one with substance use disorder. Click here for more information!

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    Recovery Community Center of Hunterdon

    Provides a safe and welcoming sanctuary for people in recovery and offers them support, guidance, substance free activities, and support groups to help them maintain their recovery. This utilizes a peer-to-peer approach and certified recovery coaches to assist others in need. Funded in part by Northfield Bank Foundation & Fargo Family Foundation. Click here for more information!

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    Educational Groups

    Groups include Anger Management, a six week evidence based curriculum, a Life Skills group, a six week focus on the development of healthy life skills such as decision-making, communication skills, stress management and coping skills.

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    Actions through Cognitive Training (A.C.T.)

    This is a 26-week mandated judicial program utilizing the evidence based Duluth model to create a process of change for men or women who batter in relationships

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    Tobacco Cessation

    Cessation Services are offered by a Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist (CTTS) to address tobacco dependence, the recovery process and to provide ongoing support.