Emerging Trends: Spotlight on Vaping

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E-cigarette ads and online forums may say that using an e-cig is just inhaling harmless water vapor BUT it’s really aerosol and other chemicals.

  • There is no government regulation of the chemicals that go into vape products, so there is no way to know what you are breathing into your lungs and impossible to know longterm side-effects.
  • Reports of serious lung damage, known as “popcorn lung” and “wet lung”, have been cited after only brief use of vapor devices.
  • E-cigarette use among middle and high school students has rapidly increased.
  • The industry markets e-cigarettes with cartoon characters and flavors like bubble gum, fruit, and chocolate.
  • Teens are now smoking e-cigarettes more than traditional cigarettes.
  • The FDA recently declared Vaping a Youth Epidemic, and is currently investigating businesses that may be targeting youth.
  • More than 2 million middle school, high school and college students use the battery-powered devices to heat liquid-based nicotine into an inhalable vapor.
  • E-cigarettes are by far the most popular tobacco product among teens: Nearly 12 percent of high school students and 3 percent of middle school students used the device in the past 30 days (2017 National Youth Tobacco Survey).