Law Enforcement Adolescent Program (LEAP)

The Law Enforcement Adolescent Program (LEAP) is an early intervention program to serve as a diversion from the legal system. It addresses substance use, family, relationship, and school issues through counseling and referrals to additional services in the community such as:

  • Life Skills, goal setting
  • Counseling Educational groups
  • Substance use assessments
  • Drug screening
  • Parenting programs
  • Anger Management

The L.E.A.P. Program also provides therapeutic support for improving life choices. It engages youth to explore issues related to inappropriate behavior and it provides opportunities for community service.


L.E.A.P. will decrease the overall number of juveniles from entering the legal court system by providing them and their family with support and assistance.

Who Does L.E.A.P. Serve?

Adolescents who have committed minor infractions, where there are concerns related to substance abuse, family issues, relationship or school issues.

Benefits of Completing L.E.A.P.:

– Receive objective guidance
– Reflect on choices
– Gain insight and knowledge
– Gain assistance with goal setting
– Avoid criminal charges and possibly a permanent juvenile record
– Learn to understand yourself and your relationships
– Avoid criminal charges for your child
– Receive professional assistance
in addressing your child’s needs
– Opportunity for emotional growth and maturity for your child
– Provides an alternative to criminal charges for minor infractions
– Helps young members of the community maintain a healthy foundation
– Decreases recidivism
– Communicate regularly with the child’s counselor
– Manage community service hours and activities

L.E.A.P. Staff

L.E.A.P is modeled after Project Community Pride of Morris County, New Jersey, which began over 30 years ago through a community wide effort to address the behavioral and emotional needs of youth who became involved with law enforcement.

In collaboration with the Hunterdon County Prosecutor’s Office, Law Enforcement, Prevention Resources, and Hunterdon County Safe Communities Coalition.