Do you Safely use and store your medications?

Safe medication disposal

Clean out your medicine cabinets and safely dispose of your unused, unwanted, or expired medications in local Rx Drop Boxes.

Best practices

Working to establish new medicine norms including best practices for medicine disposal and empowering patients to advocate for opioid alternatives.

Action to avoid opioid addiction

The United States is undergoing an opioid pandemic and the over prescription of opioids to help pain is one of the causes. This initiative focuses on growing access to opioid alternatives which are safer, cheaper and can alleviate the problem causing the pain. 

Parents Hold The Key

Parents Hold the Key is a collaborative initiative to help reduce unintended access to substances in your home.

Athletes and Opioids

This toolkit helps raise awareness of opioid use among student athletes, and to provide evidence-based information to strengthen policies and practices within schools, athletic departments and community based athletic programs.

Watch our Documentaries

Fentanyl Factor

This film highlights the alarming increase of accidental overdose deaths due to the mixing of fentanyl with other substances such as heroin, cocaine, and counterfeit prescription pills.

Pills to heroin

This film shows the devastating effects and journey of prescription drug misuse and the move to heroin for people of all ages. It also highlights what can be done to prevent Rx misuse.

In a split second

Split second decisions change the lives of many when it comes to choices with alcohol, driving and prescription drugs. This film shares those stories and shows the aftermath of these moments.