THe Fentanyl Factor

Safe Coalition’s newest documentary, “Fentanyl Factor”, is intended to educate the community about the role of Fentanyl in the Opioid Crisis.

“Fentanyl Factor” includes interviews from local residents and law enforcement effected by the opioid epidemic. Also features interview with a Forensic Scientist inside the lab where real and counterfeit drugs are tested.

This film highlights the alarming increase of accidental overdose deaths due to the mixing of fentanyl with other substances such as heroin, cocaine, and counterfeit prescription pills.

In A Split Second

Split second decisions change the lives of many when it comes to choices with alcohol, driving and prescription drugs.

Pills to Heroin

Learn of the devastating effects and journey of Prescription drug misuse and the move to Heroin. This disease of addiction effects all ages. The Pills to Heroin documentary describes what can be done to help prevent this problem.