Prevention Education

Prevention Education supports the health and wellness of individuals, families, and the communities we serve by providing evidence based programs which empower people to make good decisions to live happy, healthy lives.

We inform individuals and groups of all ages on a myriad of subjects including substance use and abuse, life skills, and interpersonal dynamics.

Our educators engage the audience with developmentally appropriate lessons and activities which impart knowledge and real time tools to achieve positive outcomes.

Did you know...

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    10% of 12-year olds say they have tried alcohol; by age 15 that number jumps to 50%

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    By age 9, kids are already building positive associations with drugs and alcohol, and some are starting to experiment. (SAMHSA)

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    Life Skills Training can cut tobacco, alcohol and marijuana use by up to 80%

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    For every $1 spent on prevention education, $10-$18 is saved on treatment

Health and Wellness Programs

  • Current Drug Trends
  • Cyber Bullying and the Laws
  • Cyber Safety
  • Don’t Drain your Brain
  • Footprints for Life
  • Life Skills
  • Peer Leadership Training
  • Prehistoric Pals
  • Prescription Drug Prevention
  • Social Media Awareness
  • Strengthening Families Program
  • Tobacco Prevention/Education
  • Underage Drinking Prevention


Signs of Substance Misuse in Adolescents

  • Decreased motivation
  • Sudden shifts in mood
  • Sleepiness in class or appearing tuned out
  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Unexplained weight loss or gain
  • Deterioration of physical appearance
  • Paranoia or depression
  • Chronic absenteeism
  • Abrupt drop-off in academic performance