Safety Tips

Underage drinking is preventable, not inevitable

Make Prom A Night to Remember. Not One to Forget.

In Case of Emergency Contacts

Name 3 contact numbers of trusted adults in your phone. These are people that can be called in case of an emergency. (Ex. “Mom ICE”)

Safe Emoji / Text

Choose a “safe emoji” as code in case you need a safe way to get out of an unsafe situation.

Stay Informed

Know where you are and where you are going; keep your parents and friends informed. Use the ‘Share Location’ or ‘Drop A Pin’ feature on your smartphone.

Have a Plan to Get Home

Talk to your parents in advance about how you will get home safely. If someone else is driving you, make sure your parents have their cell phone number.

Substance Use and Prom


90% of teens believe their peers are more likely to drink and drive on prom night.

About 5,000 people under 21 die each year from underage drinking

Fake Pills

Fentanyl is now the drug most involved in overdose deaths and can be found in almost any drug sold on the internet or street.

Fake pills are created and sold to look identical to real prescription pills.

911 Lifeline Legislation

Know the signs of alcohol poisoning and drug overdose. Call 911 for assistance and immediate treatment.

  • Passing out, semi-conscious
  • Cold, pale or bluish skin
  • Vomiting
  • Slow or irregular breathing
  • Seizures
  • Confusion

This legislation provides immunity from prosecution when the steps below are followed:

  1. Call for Help.
  2. Stay with your Friend.
  3. Talk with Authorities.

The person calling and the underage person receiving medical assistance is immune from prosecution. This immunity applies to public and private property.

Parents, Help Make Prom A Night to Remember

Hosting a Party?

Any time you have a party where there is alcohol and teens, try these safeguards to make sure no one under age 21 is drinking at your house.

Safeguard any Alcohol

  • Keep alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages separated and clearly labeled.
  • Designate an adult to serve any alcohol.
    • Consider hiring a bartender.
  • Secure any extra alcohol away in a separate area.
    • Put a lock on fridges in garages or basements.

Easily Identifiable Drinks

  • Have a permanent marker to write the person’s name.
  • Use clear cups for those under age 21.

Control the Guest List

  • Have a guest list and get cell phone numbers of parents in advance.

Control the Environment

  • Make rules known ahead of time.
  • Be present – supervise the party
  • Have activities (games, movies, etc.)
  • Check the woods – teens may hide alcohol in advance
  • Check backpacks – no water bottles that are not sealed.

It’s Okay to End the Party

  • Call parents to have kids picked-up for breaking rules